Help, I'm alive

No one really cares what I have to say about my day, do they?


Hex Girls appreciation post!!

Happy (almost) Halloween!!!! 

I wish we could just be together. My love for you in unreal. And it hurts so bad not being able to love you..and be away from you..mjust the thought of you moving on..just a little bit crushes my heart comoletely…I wish that we were perfect for each other because we are evidently not. This is so hard..and I dont want this…I dont want to let go…if I had one wish it would to make you the perfect man I see in you…I love you so much and it kills me not being with you…and you not calling me yours and only yours….its the biggest heartbreak to hear that you dont want me and only me…I cant believe all this….I wish you loved me I love you.

I wish I could do something to just make it all better, to keeo us together…you made me so happy…you could make me even the happiest girl in the world by just growing up…but it doesnt matter because you cant force ither peoole to love you…it just really sucks when you wrre like tricked into it, then just thrown away…..for something..someone else. I dont know what to do…I have no idea how to even handle myself…

"People who say they love being single are lying. No one would rather be single than have all this"
Quote of the ex boyfriend that’s not in love with me anymore and wants to live the single bar life. I am such a huge fool to have fallen into all this. Everything he ever said to me was a lie…it wasnt the even real him I guess..

That awkward moment when you spent all day at work talking about your fitional wedding with your boyfriend, then you get home to learn he was a using bastard that was smooth with his words. I ate up everything he said to me abkut hkw he faught for me and wanted no boby else but me…but now hes all about going to clubs meeting girls and getting fucked up. Not a shred of man is in that over grown child. Im cometely heartbroken and I feel like the biggest idiot in the entire world. I just got played.

Have fun partying…

I hope you choak and die on a motherfucking Xanax you bastard

I want to be your princess, not the provider. Like..why does all of your money go to your ciggerates your weed your food and you and your friends bar tab. Its frustrates me so much when you get paid more than I do and your money, that doesnt help with any bills, is gone within 2 days. When do I get treated to something? I feel pushed asided, and really unappreciated.  The biggest issue of all this is that I don’t feel like you’re first priority. .or even I priority at all….im not looking for money im looking for all the effort and tbought I put into you. I want the same. I want to be taken care of. You take care of everyone else. You littrrally throw money at everyone else besides me and my family, who drive you everywhere, gave you shelter and bring you to and from work. Just feel no gradittude at all…and I feel like the bad guy 100% of the time because I expect more from you…I just wish you’d unstand and teat me like I treat you. Just to grow up and be a man in this relationship and take care of me just like you promissed me you would…

I feel like it’s us alone, or we’re not together. And if by chance we’re with my friends, you barely talk.